"I love the Comstock brothers and their creative team of designers. For over 8 years they have consistently delivered everything I've needed and have helped me keep my sanity. Our business would not be where it is today without them. Thanks Comstocks!"

-- Mark Cunningham

   Bayes Cleaners


"I've used plenty of small agencies and freelancers in the past but it wasn't until I discovered Comstock Studios that my business really took off. Their work is outstanding and they really know what they're doing. I've received plenty of compliments from buyers that have resulted in a big increase in retail placement and sales."

-- Nick Bonge

   High Tech Pet

Brand development/ Product & food PACKAGING DESIGN

our team approach

The only reason you would use Comstock Studios is because you need top quality packaging design and sales materials that will help your products reach their full potential. You have strict deadlines to meet because you've made promises to important buyers. Late nights, weekends, even holidays, we will do what ever it takes so you can deliver on those promises and make you look good.

And on top of great service, we're also fun to work with! Easy going,

no drama, no egos, no complaining. Constant changes and revisions

are expected and we strive to always remain professional yet never lose our sense of humor. We are part of your team. Working with us will always be a pleasure. That's our promise to you! (-no joke!)

We are the “Easy Button” for you. Our creative team develops successful branding, product/ food packaging design and presentations that the buyers love and help drive sales.

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We are a Los Angeles based creative design studio that services clients from coast to coast. We've specialized in branding, product and food packaging design and product development for over 20 years and take pride in the fact that we've helped our​ clients reach success with over 1 billion dollars in retail sales! 

who we are

Scott Comstock                    Kurt Comstock

we believe in being a team player. Our job is to make your job easier. the quality of our work is a direct reflection of you and it's our responsibility to make you look good.